Success Precise Co., Ltd.--Mechanical gauges, electronic gauges, fuel sending units for automobiles, motorcycles or powered two-wheelers, marine vessels or watercrafts, etc.

Founded in 1981, Success Precise Co., Ltd. has specialized in designing, developing, and manufacturing mechanical and electronic gauges (instruments), fuel sending units, and other electronic components for automobiles, motorcycles, marine vessels, etc. The firm's quality products are widely welcome and recognized for consistently high quality among customers worldwide.

Success Precise states that as this industry continues to undergo technological advancement, it knows to work with various industrial leaders in Europe, the United States and Japan to introduce the latest technologies, state-of-the-art designs, and global-standard management into Taiwan to upgrade its own operations and technological caliber overall. At the same time, the maker says, it also steadily invests in factory modernization by adopting the most advanced, top-level equipment, as well as personnel training to sharpen its global competitiveness.  

Not to neglect to give credit where it is due, Success Precise says that its success achieved over the years would not have been possible without the dedication and support of its loyal employees, customers, global vender, etc., who have shared the prosperity built by teamwork and partnership, which also help to drive its confident outlook. The company stresses that it will continue to invest in and brainstorm to develop innovative designs, while adhering to the highest quality standards and delivering the best services.

With earnest effort of its seasoned in-house R&D and manufacturing units, Success Precise says it will expand its product lines step by step, so as to achieve win-win status with global customers.

Success Precise turns out mechanical gauges and electronic gauges for wide ranging application.

Success Precise Co., Ltd.
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