Company Profile

Success Precise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981, main business includes the design, development, and production of various instruments , fuel sender and electronic components for the automobile, motorcycle, and marines.

As this industry is experiencing a technological revolution, we continuously work with product leaders in Europe, United States and Japan to bring forth the newest technology, most modern design and the best management. At the same time we are keeping our competitive edge by investing in modern factories equipments both domestically and overseas and training a productive and professional force to run the operations.

During these many years of business, our employees, customers, vender and the banks has continuiusly supported us and work to prosper with us, making us even more confident about the future. We should continue to work on the innovative design, highest quality stanfard and the best service. Under these operation guidelines we should expand our product line and the area of service. Go forward with our customers around the world to bring more goods and services to benefit mankind and contribute to this society.